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If you make this glove wet, you can remove all your make up with only water, even waterproof mascara gets removed! The glove removes dead skin and bacteries as well, and stimulates blood circulation of the skin. You can wash it in the machine up to 90 degrees, and you can use it at least 500 times. 

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This glove contains so called XXT-S microfibres. These hollow fibres are filled with make up and other dirt once they havfe contact with your skin.

Put some water - cold or warm - on the glove, and remove all your make up fast and effective. Even waterproof mascara will disappear! You don't need any other make up remover, you only need some water!

The glove also gives a kind of mini-scrub; dead skin particles are removed, and it stimulates the blood circulation of your face. After cleaning the face, it will feel real soft!

We recommend you use a (night)cream after using the glove, to prevent your skin from feeling 'stretched'.

You can wash the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove in the washing machine, up to 90 degrees. But please note, DON'T use washing conditioner, because the hollow fibres will be filled with it and then the glove will not function any longer.



The glove is 13,5 cm wide and 19,5 cm high.



Colour groupWhite-Cream
TypologyHypoallergen, No Animaltesting, No Gluten, Vegan