Published: 30-12-2015 14:57:27
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Cobalt: Beautiful Blue, or...?

Cobalt is a silver metal that gives a blue shade to for example (Chinese) porcelain and glass. Cobalt is a mineral and it also occurs naturally in the human body (it is part of B12 that occurs naturally in the human body, the human body contains about 1 to 2 grams of cobalt). Also in meteorites Cobalt is often found, together with  nickel and iron. Cobalt is generally used for making metal connections (such as steel pins at bone fractures), metal products such as buckles and tools (like scissors), magnets and batteries, and is therefore often used together with Nickel and Iron. It is an ingredient that is also often found in cement, hair dye (especially in brown tones) and in printing ink.

You recognize cobalt in the ingredients list with the symbol Co. Cobalt Chloride or Cobalt Dichloride is a connection of cobalt chloride (it's pink and powdery) and is therefore often mentioned together with cobalt. You recognize Cobalt Chloride or Cobalt Dichloride with the symbol CoCL2 in the ingredients list.

Cobalt and cobalt (di) Chloride are known as allergen, it often gives a skin allergy, especially if it is combined with nickel or Iron. But beware, an allergy to Cobalt exclusively (or cobalt (di) chloride) is rare; avoiding the substance cobalt (or cobalt (di) Chloride) is almost never the solution to a Cobalt allergy. People with a cobalt-allergy are usually (in 75% of cases) also allergic to Nickel and/or Chromium/Iron (nickel, chromium and cobalt are often used together in the creation of metal connections). If there is a Cobalt-allergy, then there is usually also a Nickel and Chrome/Iron allergy, and the latter two raw materials are the major cause of the allergy.

Both Cobalt as Cobalt (di) Chloride do not appear in the products of Unity cosmetics. This also applies to the skin products of Zarqa which in this webshop are offered.

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