Published: 16-12-2015 10:47:44
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Perubalsem: Is it fragrance?

Perubalsem is a natural ingredient, produced by a tree called Myroxylon Balsamum. This tree grows in Central America, more specific in El Salvador. This ingredient is very complex, it exists of a diversity of elements, some of them still to be identified. Elements that are included in Perubalsem and identified, are for example cinnamon-acid, eugenol and vanilla. In the ingredientslisting you can find Perubalsem as Myroxylon Pereirae.

Back in time Perubalsem was used as (hemorrhoids) cream, but also in case of burned skin and very cold hands and feet. Nowadays Perubalsem isn't used a lot anymore, because it's known to give allergic reactions. However, the elements that are in the Perubalsem, are still widely used: As fragrance (vanilla), in food as a flavour (cinnamon, vanilla), and even at the dentist (eugenol is used by dentists in case of a root canal treatment).

Perubalsem is a trigger for skin allergy. An allergy to Perubalsem often implies an allergy to Fragrance as well, because a lot of elements of Perubalsem are used in fragrances.

Products of Unity Cosmetics don't contain Perubalsem or Fragrance. The skinproducts of Zarqa also don't contain any Fragrance or Perubalsem. So even with an allergy to Perubalsem, you can use Zarqa and Unity Cosmetics products without any problem.

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