Our products

Unity Cosmetics makeup products are manufacturerd within the European Union and meet the European cosmetics regulations and guidelines. Our products are not tested on animals, are registered in the European cosmetics portal and we work with commonly used ingredients approved by legal authorities. 

OUr products are hypoallergenic. That means that the chance to an allergic reaction is very small. However, that's not the same as a guarantee. Allergies are very complex, there are a lot of factors involved in allergic reactions. If you're allergic to specific ingredients, it's always a matter of 'trial and error', a guarantee can never be given. But we do offer samples of most of our products for a small price, to test the product before you buy a fullsize product.

Below you can find the most important characteristics of our products:

  • FRAGRANCE FREE: Perfume (fragrance) is the number one cause of skin irritation and allergies in cosmetics. Almost all products contain fragrances; shampoo, washing powder, handsoap, food, really a lot of products contain fragrance! It's difficult to recognize fragrances on the ingredients-listings on products: There are a lot of etheric oils like e.g. 'citronellol' (citrus oil), but fragrances can also have less familiar names like 'benzyl cinnamate' or a combination of fragrances that is called 'fragrance mix'.
    Almost every cosmetic brand uses fragrance, etheric oils or fragrance mixes in makeup products, to camouflage the smell of the ingredients or to give a nice scent to the makeup product. It's a pity, because it can cause a lot of irritation to the skin whilst the fragrance itself is useless; you use makeup to make yourself more beautiful, but not to smell nice! To make sure that cosmetics don't irritate the skin caused by fragrance, Unity Cosmetics doesn't use fragrance, perfume, etheric oils or fragrance mixes at all. This is a unique characteristic of Unity Cosmetics products!!

  • PARABEN FREE: Parabens are a cheap preservative that's added to a lot of different types of products. It's in food, candy, beverages, and also in cosmetics. You can recognize it in an ingredients list by the word 'paraben', like 'methylparaben' or 'butylparaben'. Although parabens are not forbidden to be used in cosmetics,  the past years there's been a lot of discussion about the relationship between parabens and breastcancer. Researchers are unable to draw a definite conclusion about the existance of such a relationship; they can not confirm a relationship, but they can't deny it either. Therefor, Unity Cosmetics has decided not to use any parabens in her cosmetic products. Better safe then sorry! We use other preservatives that are more expensive but completely safe. Besides not using parabens, we also don't use Kathon CG, Euxyl K400, or Formaldehyde (the last three ingredients are known to irritate the skin, so we don't use it!).

  • LANOLIN FREE / WOOL FAT FREE: Woolfat is also called Lanolin. It's a fatty hard substance that can close the skin, thereby causing inflammotories. Some people are allergic to this. It's only the 'yellow lanolin' that closes off the skin, the white purified lanolin does not give any problems and is even recommended. However, to make it easy to our customers and to prevent any confusion, the Unity Cosmetics products do not contain Wool fat / Lanolin.

  • COBALT-FREE: Cobalt is a silver metal that gives a blue shade to for example (Chinese) porcelain and glass. Cobalt is a mineral and it also occurs naturally in the human body (it is part of B12 that occurs naturally in the human body, the human body contains about 1 to 2 grams of cobalt). Also in meteorites Cobalt is often found, together with  nickel and iron. Cobalt is generally used for making metal connections (such as steel pins at bone fractures), metal products such as buckles and tools (like scissors), magnets and batteries, and is therefore often used together with Nickel and Iron. It is an ingredient that is also often found in cement, hair dye (especially in brown tones) and in printing ink. You recognize cobalt in the ingredients list with the symbol Co. Cobalt Chloride or Cobalt Dichloride is a connection of cobalt chloride (it's pink and powdery) and is therefore often mentioned together with cobalt. You recognize Cobalt Chloride or Cobalt Dichloride with the symbol CoCL2 in the ingredients list. Cobalt and cobalt (di) Chloride are known as allergen, it often gives a skin allergy, especially if it is combined with nickel or Iron. But beware, an allergy to Cobalt exclusively (or cobalt (di) chloride) is rare; avoiding the substance cobalt (or cobalt (di) Chloride) is almost never the solution to a Cobalt allergy. People with a cobalt-allergy are usually (in 75% of cases) also allergic to Nickel and/or Chromium/Iron (nickel, chromium and cobalt are often used together in the creation of metal connections). If there is a Cobalt-allergy, then there is usually also a Nickel and Chrome/Iron allergy, and the latter two raw materials are the major cause of the allergy. Both Cobalt as Cobalt (di) Chloride do not appear in the products of Unity cosmetics. This also applies to the skin products of Zarqa which in this webshop are offered. 

  • EUXYL-FREE: Euxyl K400 is a preservative, made out of two components: Phenoxyethanol (80%) and Methyl-dibromoglutaronitrile (20%). BOTH components have to be included in the ingredientslist (inci) to conclude that it's Euxyl K400. If only one of the two components is on the inci list, it means that Euxyl K400 is not in the product. Euxyl K400 consists for 80% out of Phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol is a skin-friendly ingredient that is widely used within cosmetics. It's a transparant oily liquid that preserves water-based products (like mascara and foundation). The Unity Cosmetics pencils (lip- and eyeliners and concealers) contain this skinfriendly component. Euxyl K400 consists for 20% out of Methyl-dibromoglutaronitrile. A lot of research has been made towards this component, and it is concluded that this is an allergenic ingredient. It causes allergic skin reactions. 
    Because of the negative effects of Methyldibromoglutaronitrile, the European Union has forbidden the use of this ingredient within cosmetics as of 2007. However, phenoxyethanol has nothing to do with this: Phenoxyethanol is a skin-friendly ingredient and can be used within the European Union. The Unity Cosmetics products are manufactured within the European Union, so they don't contain Euxyl K400. The same applies to the skinproducts of Zarqa.

  • NICKEL-FREE: Nickel is a mineral, submitted by limotite, granirite and pendalite (three mineral species, of which pendalite only exists in magma). In the ingredientlist Nickel is indicated as NI. Nickel is common in diets and in stainless steel. Regularly wearing piercings, earrings and belts with metal buckles can cause a nickel allergy. This is expressed in skin rash that itches, often with watery blisters. A person with a nickel allergy generally has a greater chance of an allergy to or skin irritation by lots of other ingredients, such as cobalt, copper, zinc, water, soapy water, etc. In makeup Nickel is really rare. The Unity Cosmetics products and products of Zarqa in this webshop don't contain nickel. 
    Nickel often gets mixed up with Iron Oxide. Iron Oxide gives colour to a product and is used by almost all makeup brands (also by Unity Cosmetics). Iron Oxide can be recognized in the ingredientlisting as CI77499, 77491, 77492 and 77489). It comes from a natural mineral called "hematite". Iron Oxide develops when oxygen mixes with hematite. It is widely used in cosmetics and food as well. It's a very safe ingredient and in general does not give any negative skin reactions. Iron Oxide is used in almost all Unity Cosmetics products because it gives great colours and is not an allergen. Although Iron Oxide is very 'safe', people with a Nickel allergy might react to this ingredient. Having a Nickel allergy often goes together with other allergies, even for water which is hypoallergen by itself.

  • PERUBALSEM-FREE: Perubalsem is a natural ingredient, produced by a tree called Myroxylon Balsamum. This tree grows in Central America, more specific in El Salvador. This ingredient is very complex, it exists of a diversity of elements, some of them still to be identified. Elements that are included in Perubalsem and identified, are for example cinnamon-acid, eugenol and vanilla. In the ingredientslisting you can find Perubalsem as Myroxylon Pereirae. Back in time Perubalsem was used as (hemorrhoids) cream, but also in case of burned skin and very cold hands and feet. Nowadays Perubalsem isn't used a lot anymore, because it's known to give allergic reactions. However, the elements that are in the Perubalsem, are still widely used: As fragrance (vanilla), in food as a flavour (cinnamon, vanilla), and even at the dentist (eugenol is used by dentists in case of a root canal treatment). Perubalsem is a trigger for skin allergy. An allergy to Perubalsem often implies an allergy to Fragrance as well, because a lot of elements of Perubalsem are used in fragrances. Products of Unity Cosmetics don't contain Perubalsem or Fragrance. The skinproducts of Zarqa also don't contain any Fragrance or Perubalsem. So even with an allergy to Perubalsem, you can use Zarqa and Unity Cosmetics products without any problem.

  • KATHON-FREE: Kathlon CG is a preservative consisting of two components: Methyl-isothiazolinone en Methyl-chloro-isothiazolinone. If one of these two ingrediënts is on the ingredientslisting, the product contains Kathon CG related components. These components, together called Kathlon CG, are often used in rinse-off products like shampoo. But also in makeup Kathlon CG is used. Although both components are safe to use within cosmetics, it has become clear that people with a very sensitive skin might react negatively if these components are used in a stay-on product. Of all persons with a contact-allergy, 1.7% reacts negatively to Kathlon CG. This shows it's an ingredients that rarely gives a negative skin reaction. The products of Unity Cosmetics don't contain Kathlon CG. The products of Zarqa that are included in this webshop, also don't contain Kathlon CG.

  • PROPYLEN GLYCOL: Unity Cosmetics mascaras and fluid foundations are the only products containing propylen glycol. Propylene glycol (also called 1.2-propanediol PG or MPG) is a colorless and odorless ingredient used in the smoke of a cigarette. It's also in the artificial smoke that clubs and festivals use to create a ' mist '. In the cosmetic industry this ingredient is added as solvent, moisturizing ingredient, or preservative. It is an ingredient that is used in damp materials. In the ingredients list this ingredient is also known as 1.2-propanediol PG or MPG. In general this ingredient is not known as an allergenic ingredient. In the assortment of Unity Cosmetics there are only 2 products that contain propylene glycol: The mascara (regardless of the color, so both the black and the brown mascara), and the liquid Foundation (all colors). In all other products from Unity Cosmetics NO propylene glycol is used, it is only in the foundation and in the mascara. In addition to Unity Cosmetics products in our webshop we also have some skin products of Zarqa in our webshop. The day cream and night cream do not contain propylene glycol. However, the cleansing milk and cleansing tonic do contain propylene glycol.

  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Unity Cosmetics products are hypoallergenic. That means that there's only a very small chance to a negative skin reaction. We can never fully garantuee that your skin accepts our products, some people even react to a skin-recommended ingredient. But for all our products, we look for the most caring ingredient and we don't use any harsh ingredients. And if you're not sure if your skin accepts our products, you can always buy a small sample first. Apply the sample on the inner side of your elbow, and wait for 24 hours. If you're allergic, you'll get an itchy skin, with maybe some red spots. The chance of such a reaction to Unity Cosmetics products is really very small!

  • AFFORDABLE: Ofcourse you can find cheaper makeup products than Unity Cosmetics. But we're sure you can not find cheaper hypoallergenic makeup products! We work completely online, with a small team, we don't spend our money on expensive marketing campaigns and because of this, we can offer relatively low prices. We make hypoallergenic makeup available to every woman, or man!