Shipping your purchase

Any products bought via the webshop of Unity Cosmetics Europe B.V. are wrapped in a neutral protective airbubble-enveloppe or box, and will be sent to the address of your choice, standard by mailpost. Depending on size and weight, it will be delivered by regular mailpost or as a parcel (only when large 30ml bottles are included in the order, or when the order is huge).  

As of 1-1-2020 it is no longer allowed to ship products abroad (outside the Netherlands) without barcode, so we can no longer ship for free by mailpost. The international shipping costs are your costs and will be visible in your cart. 

You can also indicate you want to pick up the order. If you chose this option in the webshop, we will contact you by mail to set a date and time for you to pick up the order in Veghel in the Netherlands. It will require some extra time, because we don't have a physical shop. So shipping will always be faster!


When will your purchase be shipped

After receiving your payment, Unity Cosmetics ships your purchase most of the times within one working day. Please keep in mind there might be some delay between the time you make a payment and the payment is actually received by us.

During the ordering- and payment process you will receive mails about the status of your payment, and you will also receive a mail when your purchase is being shipped.



Orders that fit a mailbox, will be sent without a trackcode with regular mailbox post. All parcels not fitting a mailbox will be sent with a track & trace code.

Costs of returns

In case you want to know all about returning goods and the costs of that, please check our Terms and Conditions.