Colors make a big difference

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing or a makeup product that gave you the 'wow-feeling' in the shop because of the beautiful color?  But when you wear it, the only thing your girlfriends notice is that you look a bit pale, or they think you don't feel good. The chance of having bought a color that doesn't match your skincolor/haircolor/eyecolor is quite big in that case!

To give  more understanding about colors, and how to combine them with your natural colors, you can find some basic information on colors in this article. At the bottom you can find all colors of Unity Cosmetics hypo-allgergenic mineral makeup, including a description on the typology of the colors. Hopefully it makes it easier to chose the best colors for you.

Warm and cool colors

Practically all colors can be devided into warm or cool colors. Warm colors have a yellow tone. Real warm colors are earthly: yellow, brown, orange, orangered, copper, etc. Cool colors have a blew or pink tone. Examples of cool colors are blue, pink, bluepurple, prune, bleu-red.

Faded and bright colors

Warm as well as cool colors exist in a faded shade, and in a bright shade. Faded means there's a bit of grey in the color, bright means there's little grey and the colors seem to have more color or more white. Examples: pink that almost hurts your eyes is a cool bright color, pastel purple is a cool faded color, orange is a warm bright color, creamy white is a warm faded color.

What colors look best on you

It's not always very clear what kind of colors look best on you. In general the following applies:

Warm bright colors

Women with a yellow or olive colored skin, combined with red-blond to light-blond hairs are - in general - the persons that look best with warm bright colors. Golden jewelry look best on them. Beautiful colors for these types are:

Orange-red, coral red, rusty red, orange colors, peach colors, salmon, beige, camel, apple green, grass green, sunny yellow, turquoise, light petrolblue (going to green).

Warm faded colors

Women with a yellow, tanned or olive skin, and with golden or dark-blond hair with a red accent (copper/brown-red) often look best in warm faded colors. Golden jewelry look best on them. Autumn-like colors look very good. Nice colors for those types are:

Faded gold, faded orange, faded red, olive, khaki, deep petrolblue, brown (with yellow tone), corn yellow, mostard yellow.

Cool bright colors

Women with a pale skin (often with a blue tone in it) combined with dark or black hair, in general are types that look best with cool bright colors. Contrasting colors make the person shine. Silver jewelry look best on them. Nice colors for those types are:

Black, white, bright red, bright pink, lila, greay shades, blackbrown, green (but not the yellow green), turquoise, ice blue, dark blue.

Cool faded colors

Women with a soft pink skin, combined with blond to darkbrown hair with a ash tone, are in general women that look best in cool faded colors. Pastels really look nice on them. Silver jewelry look better on them then golden jewelry. Nice colors for this type are:

All smokey and greyish colors, jeans blue, greyblue, winered, cherryred, mintgreen, dark green (but the green always has to have a blue undertone). Soft purple or soft pink also look good.

A little bit of everything

Ofcourse there are also women who look good in combined typologies. A person can look good in warm colors that can be bright but faded as well. And some persons look good in warm as well as in cool colors. The explanation above is not a strict rule, they are only a kind of guide, helping you understand how colors work and how they can enable your personality (or disable, of you make the wrong choices!).



 Colors and Unity Cosmetics

The makeup products of Unity Cosmetics are all classified as warm/cool/bright/faded. In the schedule below you can read the colorcode of a product, the productname (as used on our website), and the typology. Hopefully it helps you in picking a good color: