We are certified by Stichting WebwinkelKeur, including Reviews

The Stichting WebwinkelKeur qualifies us as eligable to the certification of 'Webwinkel Keur'. This means the following:

- The identity of our webshop is verified 
- Our webshop is checked on and meets the most important Dutch laws for webshops
- Our webshop offers several communication ways to get in touch
- Reviews can be published independently
- The Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy are published on a clear spot
- Consumers can turn to WebwinkelKeur for mediation in case of issues
- Consumers can turn to GeschilOnline.nl for a binding decision in case of an issue

Besides this qualification, Webwinkelkeur offers the possibility to read and publish reviews/experiences with our webshop. Please click on the HERE to publish or read experiences with our webshop. A few days after you made an order in our webshop, Webwinkelkeurmerk will mail you with a request to give your opion about us. Don't feel obliged. But realize that you're helping other customers when sharing your experience, so we would really appreciate it!