The company behind Unity Cosmetics

Unity Cosmetics is a Dutch cosmetics company, founded in 2010 and producing hypoallergen mineral makeup products without fragrance and/or parabens. The products are developed and produced for Unity Cosmetics exclusively. All products are available in this webshop, and some beautysalons and other webshops act as reseller. In case you're interested in reselling our products, you can do so by dropshipping or by buying with business discount, through our B2B online channel:

Our vision and way of working

Within Unity Cosmetics we work with a small team, we all know the details about everything that's going on. We're ambitious and besides beautiful products we also offer outstanding customer service; before, during and after your order:

Before making an order in our webshop, you can consult us by email for color advice, advice on ingredients, or allergic reactions. We'll provide you with an answer within 1 working day! Ofcourse you can also reach us by phone or app (number is in the upper left corner) or by chat (button in the bottom right) or via WhatsApp (via the button in the bottom left corner).

During an order you'll receive a notification of the order status; as soon as we've received your payment, you'll be notified. And when we ship your order, you'll be notified as well. And shipping, that's what we do really fast! If any questions occur during processing, you can contact us ofcourse. We're not always able to pick up the phone, but if you send us a voicemail, chat, whatsapp or email, most of the time we'll react to that within 1 working day (sometimes even in the evening!).

After an order, we love to hear what you think about it. That's why you'll receive a mail from Webwinkelkeur within 5 days after your order, with questions about your experience with Unity Cosmetics. By answering these questions, you can help other potential customers to get acquainted with us. Ofcourse it's also possible to share your product review on our webshop directly, on the product-page. Feedback is a gift to us!!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides the development and sales of cosmetic products, Unity Cosmetics is also concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility. Within our possibilities, we try to take care of our environment as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why we do not use carton packages of our individual products and we usually don't send printed invoices (our invoices are visible in your account, digital). Developing refillable products like our eyeshadowcontainers is also an example of CSR, as well as our 'multi-purpose tools' like our make-up brushes that are suitable for several purposes (we develop minimum tools for maximum purposes).


Company information

Unity Cosmetics Europe B.V.

Van Hallstraat 705

1051 JE  Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce 82623651

Tel. +31 6 57 222 000