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Blue-green hypoallergenic mineral eyeliner pencil. The mineral eyeliner pencil contains bees wax, enabling you to draw a line without having to use any pressure. The back-end of the pencil shows the color of the eye pencil. Go to our color site for further explanation on our colors. You can find more details on the bottom of the page.

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Hypoallergenic mineral eyeliner pencil, easily combined with the eyeshadow colors of Unity Cosmetics. The back-end of the pencil shows the color of the eye liner. 

Using an eye liner pencil accentuates your eyes. You can use it to draw a line against your lashes, or on the inner side of your eyes.

You can fade the line with an eyeshadow applicator from Unity Cosmetics.

Castor seed oil, palmoil and bee wax enable you to draw the contours of your eyes very easily, without having to use pressure. Vitamin E softens the skin, and the mica gives a satinsoft feeling on the eyes.


Colour groupBlue
TypologyHypoallergen, No Animaltesting, No Gluten
Allergensno Benzylparabens, no Bismuth Oxychloride, no Cobalt, no Corn, no Ethylparabens, no Euxyl, no Formaldehyde, no Fragrance(mix), no Isobutylparabens, no Kathon, no Lanolin, no Methylparabens, no n-Butylparabens, no Nanoparticles, no Nickel, no p-Propylparabens, no Parabens, no Perubalsem, no Phenoxy Ethanol, no Propylen Glycol, no Silicons, no Toluene




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