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Hypoallergenic mineral transparant mattifying fixing powder. Pressed, so no mess. This powder is transparant, suited for all skin colors. It mattifies the skin. If you apply it on top of foundation, it mattifies and fixes the foundation. A soft small brush is included in the powder container. You can find more details on the bottom of the page.

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Mineral hypoallergen mattifying fixing powder, suited for all skin colors. The powder is pressed, so no mess. It gives a mattifying effect to your face. You can use it directly on your face to mattify greasy spots, or apply it on top of your foundation to fix it.


Colour groupTransparant
TypologyHypoallergen, No Animaltesting, No Gluten, Vegan
Allergensno Benzylparabens, no Bismuth Oxychloride, no Carnabau Wax, no Cobalt, no Corn, no Ethylparabens, no Euxyl, no Formaldehyde, no Fragrance(mix), no Isobutylparabens, no Kathon, no Lanolin, no Methylparabens, no Mica, no n-Butylparabens, no Nanoparticles, no Nickel, no p-Propylparabens, no Parabens, no Paraphenylendiamine (PPD), no Perubalsem, no Petrolatum, no Propylen Glycol, no Silicons, no Tocopheryl Acetate, no Toluene

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