Euxyl K400 is a preservative consisting of two components: Phenoxyethanol (80%) and Methyl-dibromoglutaronitrile (20%). Euxyl K400 only exists when both substances are mentioned on the list of ingredients (inci).

Unity Cosmetics' products are manufactured within the European Union and therefore do not contain Euxyl K400.

Euxyl K400 therefore consists of 80% Phenoxyethanol. This is a skin-friendly ingredient that is often used in cosmetics. It is a transparent oil-like liquid that ensures that products that contain water (like mascara and foundation) do not spoil. Of the Unity Cosmetics range, the eye pencils, concealer pencils and eye shadows starting with colour code 0 contain this skin-friendly ingredient Phenoxyethanol. 

In addition, Euxyl K400 consists of 20% Methyl-dibromoglutaronitrile. There has been a lot of research into the effect of Methyldibromoglubatronitrile and the conclusion is that it is an allergenic ingredient. Methyldibromoglubatronitrile is therefore known to cause allergic reactions.

The European Union has banned the use of Euxyl K400 in cosmetics since 2007 because Methyldibromoglubatronitrile is contained in Euxyl K400. However, the use of phenoxyethanol is not related to this. Phenoxyethanol is a skin-friendly ingredient and can therefore be used within the European Union.