The products of Unity Cosmetics do not contain Kathon CG.

Cathlon CG

Kathlon CG is a preservative consisting of two ingredients: Methyl-isothiazolinone and Methyl-chloro-isothiazolinone. If either or both of these ingredients are listed on the inci list, the product therefore contains Kathon CG. These ingredients, collectively called Kathlon CG, are often used in washable products such as shampoo. However, Kathlon CG is also used in other products such as make-up.

Although both ingredients may be used in cosmetics, it is now clear that people with very sensitive skin can have a negative reaction to them if they are used in a product that sits on the skin and is not washed out immediately. Of all people with contact allergies, 1.7% react negatively to Kathlon CG (making it an ingredient that can cause a negative skin reaction for a very small group).