Published: 31-12-2015 16:04:37
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Parabens: What about it?

Parabens are a cheap preservative that's added to a lot of different types of products. It's in food, candy, beverages, and also in cosmetics. You can recognize it in an ingredients list by the word 'paraben', like 'methylparaben' or 'butylparaben'.

Although parabens are not forbidden to be used in cosmetics,  the past years there's been a lot of discussion about the relationship between parabens and breastcancer. Researchers are unable to draw a definite conclusion about the existance of such a relationship; they can not confirm a relationship, but they can't deny it either. Therefor, Unity Cosmetics has decided not to use any parabens in her cosmetic products. Better safe then sorry! We use other preservatives that are more expensive but completely safe.

So you can use Unity Cosmetics products without having to worry about anything. There are no parabens in our products. The same goes for the skincare products of Zarqa in our webshop. Not all Zarqa products are paraben-free, but the ones we've included in this webshop are indeed 100% paraben free.

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