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Which colours suit you best?

In general, you can follow the guidelines below but sometimes it is not immediately clear which colour type suits you best. At the bottom of the page you will therefore find more information and explanations about the different colour types.

Warm bright colours

Women with a yellow or olive skin combined with red-blond to light-blond hair are generally the types that look best in warm bright colours. Gold jewellery looks best here. Radiant and fresh colours look best, as long as they are warm. Nice colours for these women are: Orange red, coral red, rust red, orange tones, peach tones, salmon colour, warm natural tones like wool white, beige and camel, apple green, lime green, grass green, sun yellow, turquoise, light petrol blue (tending to green).

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Warm muted colours

Women with a yellow, tanned or olive skin, and golden to dark blond hair with a red accent (copper brown, red brown) are often types that look best with warm colours. Gold jewellery also looks good on these types. Autumnal colours are often the best. Nice colours for these women are: Muted gold, muted orange, muted red, olive, khaki, deep petrol blue, brown (with golden undertone), corn yellow, mustard yellow, chocolate brown.

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Cool bright colours

Women with a pale skin (often with a blue undertone), in combination with dark brown or black hair are generally the types that look best with cool bright colours. Contrasting colours generally look good. Silver jewellery looks better on these types than gold jewellery. Nice colours for these women are: Black, white, bright red, bright pink, lilac, shades of grey, black-brown, green (but not yellow-green), turquoise, ice blue, dark blue.

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Cool muted colours

Women with a soft rosy skin, in combination with blond to dark brown hair with an ashy undertone, are generally the type that look best with cool muted colours. Pastel colours are very beautiful here. Silver jewellery looks better on these types than gold jewellery. Nice colours for these women are: All smoky and grey shades, jeans blue, grey blue, wine red, cherry red, from mint green to dark green, as long as it has a blue undertone. Light purple or soft pink are also very beautiful.

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A little bit of everything

Of course, there are also combinations possible. You can be a 'warm' colour type whereby both bright and muted warm colours look good. There are even women who can wear both warm and cool tones. So the above guidelines are just a tool, there are more variants than we have described here.

The right colour...

You may have bought a piece of clothing or a make-up product that gave you a 'wow' feeling in the shop because the colour is so beautiful. But when you put it on, all you get are reactions like "how pale you look" or "don't you feel well? There is a big chance then that you have chosen a colour that is very beautiful in itself, but in combination with your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour does not go well at all. The effect can even be negative. You will look pale, any irregularities such as spots or wrinkles in your face will stand out more and attention will be diverted away from your face.

Warm and cool colours

Basically, all colours can be classified as warm or cool. Warm colours have a yellow undertone. Really warm colours are earthy like yellow, orange, brown, orange-red, copper and bronze. Cool colours generally have a blue or pink undertone. Typical cool colours are blue, pink, blue-purple, fuchsia, plum and blue-red.

Muted and bright colours

Both warm and cool colours can occur in a muted variant or in a bright variant. With a muted variant it seems as if there is a greyish tint in the colour. With a clear colour there is little grey in it and the colours seem to contain more colour or more white. For example, bright pink as a cool clear colour, pastel purple as a cool muted colour, orange as a warm clear colour, and off-white as a warm muted colour.

If you can't work it out or would like personal advice, we are happy to help! Call us or send us an e-mail.

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