Mature skin

As you get older, the structure of the skin changes. The skin becomes drier, thinner and loses elasticity. As a result, lines unfortunately become more visible, the corners of the mouth droop a little, the eyelids become heavier and there are usually more red veins in the face. These changes are often visible from the age of 40.

With all these changes, it makes sense to think about the way you make up your face. The make-up you used when you were 20 may not be as effective when you are older. Here are some tips aimed at older skin.

This first tip is not so much about make-up, but about skincare. It's important because it might help you to limit or delay skin ageing. Make sure your skin is well hydrated, from the inside and the outside. Drink plenty of water and use an extra nourishing day and night cream every day.

Your skin is nourished mainly from within. Make sure you eat healthy and drink enough water. And of course, a nourishing/hydrating day and night cream helps to keep the skin supple and elastic. Drinking enough fluids and keeping your skin supple keeps your skin in good condition.

Use a moisturising primer as a base on the entire face.Primer softens the face and fills in the deeper lines of your face. When you apply make-up afterwards, any wrinkles will be less visible.
On the part of the eyelid that does not move, do not use a shimmering colour but a matt shade. The non-moving area is the area from the arcade arch (the 'crease' where you feel the top of the eyeball) to the eyebrow.A shimmering colour emphasises every line or wrinkle. The skin under the eyebrows and around the eyes is already thin by nature and age lines are easily visible in these areas. So be careful with shimmering colours.
Be careful about using black make-up on the eyes. Dark brown or dark grey are colours that usually look better and still give a deep colour.A black line (with wet eyeshadow, an eye pencil or eyeliner) quickly gives a hard look. Softer colours are nicer, especially on older skin. 
Apply concealer sparingly. Focus on small areas rather than covering large areas. Allow the concealer to blend into the skin. Choose a shade that is close to your skin tone and apply the concealer first to your finger so that it warms up nicely. Then use your finger to pinpoint irregular spots. Concealer can also be useful around the wings of the nose and the corners of the eyes. There the skin is thinner and discolourations are more easily seen.Concealer is a heavily pigmented product intended to cover up irregularities. Because it contains a lot of pigment, wrinkles and lines are more likely to show. So apply it sparingly and especially where there are colour differences, near pigmentation spots, around the nostrils and the corners of the eyes. 
Use lipstick instead of lip gloss.Lipgloss catches a lot of light, making small lines more visible.
If you use lipstick in a dark colour, use a lip pencil in a matching shade.As you get older, fine lines form around your lips. Lipstick can have a tendency to creep into these fine lines over time. Using a lip pencil in the same shade will prevent lipstick from running.
If you use a lipstick, you can use a concealer and lip pencil to correct the lip outline a little. First apply the concealer to the lip line, then a lip pencil, then the lipstick.Applying a concealer thinly (and blurring it with your finger) to the lip line blurs the natural lip line. Then use a lip pencil to emphasise and possibly correct your lip contours. Then fill in the lips with lipstick. This gives you a neatly applied lipstick that doesn't bleed.
If you do apply blush, apply it high on the cheekbone. Of course, you can also use bronzer instead of blush for a more natural look.

As you get older, the skin starts to droop a little more. By applying rouge high on the cheekbone, you compensate a little for that negative effect of gravity. Above all, do not use shiny colours.

Use face powder instead of foundation if you have a lot of red in the cheeks.

If you have mild rosacea, the red veins can sometimes look very fiery. Facial powder makes the red less fiery and therefore less noticeable.

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