Published: 14-03-2016 10:36:03
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Propylene glycol: ever heard of it?

Propylene glycol (also called 1.2-propanediol PG or MPG) is a colorless and odorless ingredient used in the smoke of a cigarette. It's also in the artificial smoke that clubs and festivals use to create a ' mist '. In the cosmetic industry this ingredient is added as solvent, moisturizing ingredient, or preservative. It is an ingredient that is used in damp materials. In the ingredients list this ingredient is also known as 1.2-propanediol PG or MPG. In general this ingredient is not known as an allergenic ingredient.

In the assortment of Unity Cosmetics there are only 2 products that contain propylene glycol: The mascara (regardless of the color, so both the black and the brown mascara), and the liquid Foundation (all colors). In all other products from Unity Cosmetics NO propylene glycol is used, it is only in the foundation and in the mascara. In addition to Unity Cosmetics products in our webshop we also have some skin products of Zarqa in our webshop. The day cream and night cream do not contain propylene glycol. However, the cleansing milk and cleansing tonic do contain propylene glycol.

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