Good news for all persons with a sensitive skin or a fragrance allergy: Unity Cosmetics products are completely fragrance free!

Perfume (fragrance) is the number one cause of skin irritation and allergies within cosmetics. A lot of different types of products contain fragrances; shampoo, washing powder, handsoap, food, and so on. It's difficult to recognize fragrances on the ingredients-listings on products: There are a lot of etheric oils like e.g. 'citronellol' (citrus oil), but fragrances may also have less familiar names like 'benzyl cinnamate' or a combination of fragrances that is called 'fragrance mix'. Another wellknown ingredient called Perubalsem is also linked to fragrance and can trigger an allergic reaction.

Almost every cosmetic brand uses fragrance, etheric oils or fragrance mixes in makeup products, to camouflage the smell of the ingredients or to give a nice scent to the makeup product. But fragrance can cause a lot of irritation to the skin. It's a pity that a lot of makeup brands use fragrance, especially whilst the fragrance itself is useless; you use makeup to make yourself more beautiful, but not to smell nice! That's why Unity Cosmetics does not use fragrance, perfume, etheric oils or fragrance mixes at all, our products are 100% fragrance(mix) free.