The booklet-symbol

Published: 30-11-2015 21:56:04
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The booklet-symbol

Ingredients on the product

Within the European Union produces are legally obliged to put all ingredients of a makeup product on the product itself or it's packaging. If the product or packaging is too small, the product should contain a small 'booklet-symbol'. This symbol makes clear that the ingredients are not on the product, but somewhere within reach of the product. In a physical shop this implies that you can find the ingredients for example in a folder or productcard. And for webshops, this implies that ingredients are mentioned in the product description.

This European legislation is helping the consumer to know which ingredients are used in any makeup product, and/or where to find this information. For Unity Cosmetics this all sounds very logical, you can find the booklet symbol on all of our products together with our internet address where you can find all details about the ingredients in the corresponding product description.

Do you find yourself having a makeup product with no ingredients on it and no booklet-symbol? Or a makeup product with a booklet-symbol but without any indication where to find the information about the ingredients? Then that product might not be manufactured within the European Union, or the manufacturer is not alligned with these European guidelines!

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