Besides the development and sales of cosmetic products, Unity Cosmetics is also concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility. Within our possibilities, we try to take care of our environment as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why we do not use carton packages of our individual products and we usually don't send printed invoices (our invoices are visible in your account, digital). Developing refillable products like our eyeshadowcontainers is also an example of CSR, as well as our 'multi-purpose tools' like our make-up brushes that are suitable for several purposes (we develop minimum tools for maximum purposes).

Our shipping material is as small as possible; we use enveloppes that fit through regular mailboxes, we only use parcelpost if the size of an order requires us to do so. And if we use a carton box for parcelpost, we prefer a re-used carton box.