Search by ingredients or colors is really easy!

Once you click on the category Eyes, Lips, Face, Palettes, Brushes or Skin, you'll see a ProductFilter. 

The Product Filter can be used to search e.g. on a color or ingredient. You do not need to think about any search term; you use the terms that we have pointed out. For example, if you want to search for Red products, then at 'colour group' select 'red' (you click the box that states 'red'). You'll then see all the red products within the category which you are looking for (for example in the group 'lips'). By clicking on the cross (in the gray bar) you can remove any selected filter. Of course, you can also search on multiple filters, for example within the category Lips by clicking 'red' within the colour group and 'no silicons' within the allergens; You'll then see all the red lip products with no silicone in it. That's very useful if you are allergic to a specific ingredient; Select the ingredient(s) in the ProduktFilter and only products without this ingredient(s) will be shown!

You can also search with the general search function; to be used when you are looking for a specific part of the product name. On a desktop you see the search field at the top of the screen, on the right of the Unity cosmetics logo. On a smartphone you will see this field at the top of the screen, below the logo of Unity Cosmetics (and above the shopping cart-bar). In this field you can enter a word (for example the name of a product, such as eyebrow pencil), or a number like a colour code (for example 620). Then you can see all the products that include your search term. The broader your search term is, the more results you see. So if you are looking for eye shadow, then you'll find more than 150 results; you'll then see all eyeshadows, but also all eye shadow samples, all eye shadow palettes, etc. If you are searching very specific, for example on a color number (e.g. 0403), then you'll see all products with that color number in it (in this example, less than 10 results). A general term will thus lead to too many results, but a very specific search term can lead to no result.