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Hypoallergenic eye primer (eyeshadow base), to be stored in the magnetic compacts of Unity Cosmetics. The primer is creamy and is the perfect base for your eyeshadows; gives an intense coverage of your eyeshadows. Pressed in a 26 mm pan, delivered in a small plastic blister. You can find more details on the bottom of the page.

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Hypoallergenic eye primer, to use as an eyeshadow base. The eye primer is pressed and creamy. The primer fits into Unity Cosmetics' magnetic eyeshadow boxes. 


Colour groupSkincolour
Matching eyecolorBlue, Brown, Green, Grey
TypologyHypoallergen, No Animaltesting, No Gluten
Allergensno Benzylparabens, no Bismuth Oxychloride, no Cobalt, no Corn, no Ethylparabens, no Euxyl, no Formaldehyde, no Fragrance(mix), no Isobutylparabens, no Kathon, no Lanolin, no Methylparabens, no Mica, no n-Butylparabens, no Nanoparticles, no Nickel, no p-Propylparabens, no Parabens, no Perubalsem, no Petrolatum, no Propylen Glycol, no Tocopheryl Acetate, no Toluene

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Very good

Very good product, I use it together with the Unity eyeshadows, makes them stay all day long. Also fits into the Unity 5-pans magnetic box!

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